Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One more nail in the "pilots as center of the Air Force" coffin!

I'm a maintainer...a knuckle-dragging, crass individual who'd rather be roasting or freezing among a bunch of crew chiefs than sitting behind a desk. Anyone familiar with the Air Force knows there's a certain ahem friendly animosity between us and "them" (read "Those with wings on their chest")

So you'll pardon me when I get a little chuckle out of this story from Aviation Week. Two USAF Test Pilot School students have successfully linked "bank-angle and roll-rate measurements and the relative positions" of two aircraft. Just the kind of thing you need for refueling ops.

This is a big step. Unmanned refueling would help close the current UAV coverage gap driven by the need to refuel.

NOTE: Aviation Week is a subscription-only pub. Read DefenseTech.org for the quick and dirty.


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